At me almost all household electronics of firm Sony. At me TV Sony, video-recorder Sony, musical centre Sony, player Sony, home telephone number Sony and prefix Sony Play Station 2. The last, on what I will agree in this life, it to change my Japanese technics Sony for any South Korean stuff.

Technics became a part me. These are my artificial limbs. It is acquired physical inability of consciousness of a modern civilization. If the person does not have TV the first, that comes to mind, it: “What unfortunate... It is necessary to present though any inexpensive TV for New year”. After that — it will be probably happy. Anyway, should not long any more.

I will die without the TV. I will not survive without the musical center. I do not represent the life without Sony Play Station 2. Why I so depend on technics? Not clearly...

If tomorrow will invent necessary electronic piece any to nobody and will offer free of charge to all interested persons the turn will be built on all equator.

Sony has invented such piece, only to anybody free of charge did not offer, is a doggie-robot (Aibo). She is able to play football and to carry out different interesting problems. This doggie could be recognized by the most useless invention of mankind. Aibo almost a work of art. All it is clear, Aibo — "bait" that about firm Sony spoke in news more. Charm in the form of the doggie — a successful course of corporation Sony.