Move Your Mind!
Category: Crisis and Issue Management
Product/Service: COMPANY IMAGE

The Strategy Saab identified that work was needed, externally and internally, to secure a support network that would encourage positive conversations about Saab’s future rather than an acceptance of its demise. All significant announcements were to come from Saab Managing Director, Jan-Åke Jonsson (JAJ) and, to maintain momentum, all sign-off and approval processes would be streamlined.

Global messages were to be communicated online and stakeholders engaged through social media, while employees would be encouraged to become active spokespeople. Industry experts were to be identified and briefed to be authoritative Saab spokespeople, and prototype cars unveiled to underline that Saab has an exciting future.

All Saab supporters and enthusiasts were to be actively encouraged to defend the brand in opinion-forming media while endeavouring to keep Saab in the media spotlight.