Hybrid Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Hybrid Prius

The Toyota Prius is the world√Ęs first ever mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Its low emissions and its fuel efficiency makes the Toyota Prius one of the greenest cars on the road.

Draft FCB, Johannesburg's aim was to let people know that by purchasing this eco-friendly vehicle they are playing their part in saving the environment. We took a retail-like approach to demonstrate what people can potentially save by purchasing the Toyota Prius.

Client: Toyota;
Agency: Draft FCB - Johannesburg;
Country: South Africa;
Chief Creative Officer: Brett Morris;
Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo;
Executive Creative Director: James Cloete;
Art Director: Bradley Stapleton;
Art Director: Olivia Russell;
Copywriter: Melusi Mhlungu;
Copywriter: Lawrence Katz.