Million Dollar Car
Crystal benz

Mercedes Crystal Benz

Autoconcern Mercedes-Benz has dared at redesign of the and without that smartest car.

The new luxury cabriolet positions itself as "the car for lovely ladies". Besides crystals Swarovski, in this version of the car the covering from snow-white fur of any marvelous small animal (manufacturers specially do not specify, are afraid, that any furious volunteer from WWF — will splash salon with a paint) is used. The total cost of the car makes 980,000 dollars.

Million Dollar Benz

Crystal Mercedes crystal Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Crystal
Mercedes Crystal Benz
Million Dollar

Who will buy it? — You ask. And here have already bought! Two pieces. One car remained on the native land (in Tokyo modernize standard cabriolet Mercedes) in Japan, and the second through ocean to the next China. And you speaks about the crisis?