Whence there were names for super-brands
All ingenious — is simple. The short histories of an origin of names of world famous automobile brands collected in this material once again confirm this law of a life.

Audi, logo
Audi it is translated from Latin as «listen!». It is the Latin version of a surname of the founder of the company.

BMW, logo
BMW it is deciphered as Bayerische Motoren Werke. The English version - Bavarian Motor Works.

Daewoo, logo
Company Kim Woo Chong founder named the company modestly, "the Big Universe" so it is translated from the Korean.

FIAT, logo
The company has been based in 1899. FIAT is a reduction from Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. Besides, it is possible to translate this abbreviation from Latin as the independent word often used in church use — «yes will be».

Honda, logo
Founder name — Soichiro Honda.

Hyundai, logo
Hyundai, it is translated with Korean, as "present".

Mitsubishi, logo
Company Yataro Iwasaki founder in 1870 has thought up. With Japanese mitsu it is translated, as "three", and hishi — "brilliant". The letter "b" has appeared the sixth not because of an error in a writing and because Japanese, "h" in the middle of a word say the letter as "b".
As to a logo, that, contrary to the developed opinion, it is primary, instead of the name.

Nissan, logo
It is earlier known, as Nippon Sangio, that "the Japanese industry" means.

Subaru, logo
By name of constellations of the Galaxy which in Greek also carried the name "Seven sisters". And here is how time "Seven sisters" on-japonski "Subaru". It is literally translated as "to unite in a single whole". The Galaxy constellation is displayed on a company logo.

Toyota, logo
By name founder Sakichi Toyoda. In a consequence it is changed to more harmonious Toyota. On-japonski consisted of 8 letters (happy number in east culture).